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Great Migration Accommodation: Permanent Versus Mobile Tented Camps

Nov 10, 2022

Africa is renowned for its many wondrous offerings, including jaw-dropping landscapes, diverse opportunities, unique cultural history and abundance of wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, one significant wildlife event that occurs exclusively in Africa is the world-famous Great Migration. Every year, over two million wildebeest, Thomson’s gazelles, and zebras migrate from the Serengeti plains in Tanzania across the Mara River and into the Maasai Mara grasslands of Kenya to find greener pastures.

The Great Migration is considered one of the seven wonders of Africa. Many visitors look forward to seeing this spectacular dramatic event, but in order to guarantee a good viewing experience, it is important to choose your accommodation wisely and the best time to visit Serengeti.

Great Migration Accommodation Options

When it comes to choosing your safari accommodation for the Great Migration, there are basically two options available — permanent tented camps or mobile tented camps. We’ve put together this quick comparison between the two options so you can make an informed decision as to which is best for you during your Great Migration safari.

Permanent Tented Camps

These camps feature tents that enjoy a fixed position throughout the year. As such, you can expect to find more creature comforts and certain features unique that are typical with a more permanent structure like raised decking, outdoor dining areas, and even the occasional swimming pool. Permanent tented camps tend to range from rustic to an ultra-luxury camp experience, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one that matches your preferences.

Features and Benefits Of Permanent Tented Camps

Well Equipped — Permanent tented safari camps usually come with the full package. They offer state of the art facilities such as swimming pool, spa, hot shower after your safari adventure and so on. There is a wide range of facilities to ensure your stay is memorable such as gym, swimming pool, spas, king-size beds, stylish antique furniture, and en-suite bathrooms.

More suitable for families and larger travel groups — Since they are typically larger and offer more spacious rooms, permanent tented camps are often more preferred among families and large travel groups. Plus the fact that you are sleeping behind more solid structures can be quite reassuring.

Can be quite pricey — Permanent tented camps are often more pricey than mobile tented camps for obvious reasons. They have more to offer in terms of facilities and amenities so the price difference should be expected.
Comfy and cozy — To many people, especially elderly travelers, permanent camps and lodges offer more comfort than mobile tents since their fixed position means not having to move from one spot to another every now and then.

Mobile Tented Camps

Mobile tented safari camps are just like their name suggests — movable from one location to another. They go where you go and in most cases, they offer a more adventurous safari experience with a better view of wildlife creatures. Considering that the Great Migration is also not situated in a fixed spot, mobile tented camps have continued to rise in popularity over the years. Generally, mobile tented camps are less expensive compared to the palatial lodges in a fixed area. However, there are misconceptions about mobile tented camps where some people feel it’s for the ‘not so rich folk’. That’s an inaccurate way to see it.

Features and Benefits Of Mobile Tented Camps

Moveable — One amazing feature of mobile tented camp is that it’s moveable. In most cases, after the camp, you can hardly notice anyone or any structure was even set up in the wild.

Mostly budget-friendly — Mobile tented camps are generally affordable than permanent camps so if you are on a budget then you might as well go for this option.

Enhanced outdoor experience — Mobile tented camps usually have more adventure appeal as you get to experience traversing the wild and setting up camp at different locations. You get to enjoy the scenic wildlife atmosphere, watching the dark skies at night and counting the stars or just chatting around the flickering fire. You feel like you are one with wild too.

Comfort — Often time, many tourists feel like mobile tented camps are less comfortable than permanent camps and lodges. Well, mobile tented camps can be just as luxurious as modern ones are now providing necessary amenities to ensure you are not missing out on anything.

Which one will you go for?

Both permanent and mobile tented camps are absolutely great for the Great Migration. Which one you’ll go for then depends on your budget, sense of adventure and travel preferences, among others. Either way, the Great Migration is a phenomenal event so even just getting the opportunity to witness it makes the journey incredibly worth it regardless of your accommodation choice.

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