We are Acacia

The Acacia Collections’ range of safari camps and lodges offer comfort and convenience in the heart of the African wilderness. Whether staying at our mobile migration camp or enjoying a luxurious stay at one of our lodges, you’ll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the African bush.

Jambo! Welcome to Acacia Collections, your ultimate destination for African safari adventures.

We offer a selection of luxurious safari camps and lodges in two of Tanzania’s premier wildlife destinations – Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks. Our camps and lodges were designed to give you an immersive and unforgettable experience of Tanzania’s diverse wildlife, culture, and natural beauty. We have played host to visitors from across the globe, providing an authentic experience that showcases not only the best of East African wildlife but that of our beautiful country and culture.

From Guide to Leader

Acacia Collections is the culmination of the dream of a young man, Peter Robert, who started his career as a professional tour guide on the plains of the Serengeti. Born of his love for wildlife and passion for tourism, Peter’s vision was to establish an authentically Tanzanian brand while celebrating the age-old traditions of the classic African safari. Having later achieved success in the business world, Peter brought his vision to life in 2015 in the form of then Serengeti Acacia Camps, to now, Acacia Collections.

As a proudly Tanzanian-owned and operated entity, we are committed to responsible resourcing and equitable redistribution of resources.


100% Tanzanian-owned and operated

As such, it is a valued employer of local Tanzanian men and women and indirectly supports hundreds of locals. The company provides skills training for all staff, ensuring that they can provide our clients with efficient, professional, and, most importantly, friendly service from the first enquiry to the final farewell.

Responsible Resourcing & Redistribution

Acacia Collections makes every effort to source all products and consumables from local suppliers, to stimulate the economy. We believe that for Tanzania and its tourism industry to grow, it is vital to keep capital in the country, wherever possible.

We believe in responsible tourism that benefits both the local communities and the environment. We work closely with local communities to support sustainable tourism initiatives and ensure that our safari experiences positively impact the people and wildlife of Tanzania. We are also committed to minimizing our environmental impact and have implemented various initiatives to reduce waste, conserve water, and support wildlife conservation efforts.


Reaping Rewards and Awards

Naturally, brand recognition is crucial to our success in the ultra-competitive East African safari industry. Since our inception, we have attracted the attention of both clients and competitors, carving our name deeply into the country’s tourism consciousness. Accordingly, we have received several prestigious accolades, including:
As proud as we are of these achievements, it is the bonds we form with all our guests that matter most to us. No acknowledgement means more to us than sharing in the awe our guests’ experience when viewing wildlife in its natural habitat. Or in seeing those who arrive stressed, soon shed their cares. But most of all it is when – at the end of their journey – the parting words are, “We’ll be back”.


An Authentic African Adventure

From the moment our guests arrive, we strive to ensure that their experience of Africa leaves their memory banks (and memory cards) filled with impressions of Africa that will stay with them forever.

A Warm Welcome

Guests are welcomed in song, with a refreshing cocktail symbolizing the start of their African adventure. Following a casual orientation of the camp and accommodation, it’s time to settle in and adjust to the rhythm of Africa. Meals at our camps are a festive occasion, with either a barbeque or a buffet selection of both Tanzanian and contemporary dishes to choose from. As the moon arcs above, the air rings with traditional songs, punctuated by the myriad calls of the wild.

An Experience Like No Other

Tanzania’s wildlife experience has few competitors across the continent. And the best time to see it active is during the cooler hours of the day – early morning and late afternoon. In the company of our friendly and experienced guides, we set off in custom-built safari vehicles as the sun illuminates the pristine landscape. Our guides delight in sharing their knowledge and experiences with their rapt audience. Be it the intense stalk of a lion, or the persistent efforts of a dung beetle, the fascinating web of Nature is always a treat to discover.

Designed For Comfort and Relaxation

Our camps are designed for comfort and relaxation, and our staff make every effort to ensure that all needs are met. Our guests are esteemed, and our guides and staff are all eager to share their country and their culture over dinner or drinks. Then as the members of the campfire dim, you’ll be escorted to your accommodation – secure in the knowledge that there is 24-hour assistance available if required.

From Safari Camps to Lodges

The Acacia Collections’ range of safari camps and lodges offer comfort and convenience in the heart of the African wilderness. Whether staying at our mobile migration camp or enjoying a luxurious stay at one of our lodges, you’ll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the African bush. Our experienced guides and staff are dedicated to ensuring that your safari experience is unforgettable. We promise personalized service, delicious meals, and exciting activities that showcase the best of Tanzania. We are proud hosts to visitors from around the globe, fulfilling their dreams of seeing and feeling the wonders of our beautiful country.

Thank you for considering Acacia Collections for your Tanzania safari adventure.

We look forward to welcoming you to the African bush and sharing our love for this incredible corner of the world.



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