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Luxury Camping in Serengeti, What Is It Like?

Nov 10, 2022

It is a worldwide known fact that Serengeti is an idyllic safari destination; one that each person must visit in his lifetime. Thanks to its wide-open plains that are inhabited by stupendous wildlife and its elegantly rugged scenery that just seems unreal, Serengeti National Park remains to be one of the most celebrated wildlife reserves in the world. Luckily, visitors can easily explore this piece of a wilderness paradise. If you want to maximize the experience and stay in the heart of all the action, there is nothing better than luxury camping in the Serengeti. Besides, why would you pass up the opportunity to have such a unique experience? The question is, what is it like?

Serengeti 101:
Serengeti National Park preserves the path of the world’s largest intact migration circuit. It covers nearly 14,750 square kilometers of wildlife-ridden grassland plains, savanna, riverine forest, and woodlands. The park hosts one of the largest and most diverse large predator-prey interactions worldwide, providing a particularly impressive aesthetic experience. No wonder why more than 90,000 tourists (local visitors not counted yet) from around the world visit the park each year.

Luxury in the Wild

Imagine an exclusive tented camp with comfortable beds, ensuite bath and even a private lounge where you can laze around and revel in the beauty of nature… Now imagine that camp in the midst of the wild, particularly in one of the most amazing locations in the Serengeti — animals passing by or visiting your tent at any time, sprawling savannas that turn golden when touched by the sun, lions roaring in a distance, romantic evenings under the stars, etc. Not to mention sublime sunrises and sunsets.

While you may think “luxury” is not possible in the midst of the African wilderness, Serengeti luxury camping proves otherwise. Despite the vibe of being “in the middle of nowhere”, you still get to enjoy topnotch amenities including hot shower or bath, electricity, and superior-quality bed sheets. Truly, this will be a one-of-a-kind adventure that offers ample solitude and comfort.

Nature at an arm’s reach

Serengeti is an unfenced park meaning African animals are free to roam anywhere. Being in a tented camp in Serengeti, you will be surrounded by wild animals in their natural habitat. You can even witness a spine-tingling animal attack if you’re lucky!

Gastronomic feast

Expert chefs will be preparing the ultimate gourmet feasts for you. Breakfasts and dinners are usually buffet style, while lunches are often packed and consumed in between safari game drives (you will have picnics in the wild!)

Typical food selection consists of grilled fish (caught fresh from Lake Victoria), chicken, pancakes, stews, pasta, avocado salad, fruits, white bread sandwiches and more!

There are other unique dining options available upon request as well. You can dine in the bush either with a group dining setting or a romantic set-up. In this dining option, you will be able to enjoy a sumptuous spread of local and international dishes and at the same time enjoy a panoramic vista of the Serengeti landscape. Another option is to have a barbecue. Grilling facilities are available as well as a bonfire. If you want to chill with a beer or wine in hand, you can also go to the bar and even meet some like-minded travelers to exchange safari stories with!

Incredible experiences

Experiencing Serengeti is by itself an adventure of a lifetime. With highly experienced professional guides, you will be able to explore not only the vast grasslands of the Serengeti but also some of Tanzania’s finest game reserves like the World Heritage Site Ngorongoro Crater, the elephant-filled Tarangire, and the scenic Lake Manyara. In these game drives, you will be able to get close to different wildlife including the famous Big Five, rare species and incredible flocks of birds. Whether it is about viewing the Great Migration or herds of buffalos or playful hippos or tracking some elusive rhinos, the fully customized and lavishly equipped 4×4 safari vehicles will give you optimal views and a sense of discovery in the some of Africa’s wildest parks.

Other exciting safari activities while on a luxury camp in Serengeti include hot air balloon rides (for a price, of course), nightly bonfires (weather-permitting), cultural visits to the Maasai tribe, and many more!

World Wonder

Surely, you know why the name Serengeti National Park consistently makes noise when it comes to wildlife safaris, yes? It is a well-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for being the stomping ground of the iconic Great Migration – a massive animal movement accumulating 2 million wildebeests, 200,000 zebras and 350,000 gazelles stretching their legs over 1,200 miles in an annual race to find fresh grazing and water. While these hordes of wildlife stampede across the Serengeti plains and rivers, predators tail them for a hearty, hard-earned meal. Common predators include hyenas, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hippos and Nile crocodiles.

Around June to October, the migratory animals go through the toughest phase of their journey: the river crossings. In this event, the hooves struggle to cross the Grumeti and Mara Rivers while predators await and even battle with them in the rivers. Thousands of ungulates die during this time due to thirst, starvation, exhaustion or predation. Due to the spectacular and out-of-this-world phenomena, this iconic river crossing event is dubbed as “the greatest show on Earth”, the “World Cup of Wildlife” and the Seventh Natural Wonder of Africa. 

Of course, if you are camping in the Serengeti, you get to take the front seats to this phenomenal event. And with all the action that unfolds before your very eyes? You will absolutely be out of words. Well, maybe a wide-eyed “wow” is possible.

Definitely, the best way to experience the Serengeti.

You’re in Africa. Redefine the ordinary and take advantage of the sprawling natural scene. Staying in a tented camp like Acacia Collections will surely take you to a real-life Lion King movie. You will be able to feel an authentic African vibe while enjoying world-class amenities at your disposal. Plus, you get incredible chances of seeing unreal wildlife encounters that cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the world!

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