Best Places to Stay in the Serengeti to Follow the Great Migration

The Great Migration is often described as the World Cup of wildlife. It is a yearly event that sees over two million wildebeest, zebras and Thomson gazelle’s move annually to and from the Serengeti plains and the Masai Mara for better grazing. To get a good view of this spectacular event, you need a lodge strategically positioned within the Serengeti for the best viewing experience. Some camps and lodges that provide some of the best seats in the park are

Acacia Collections : Acacia Migration Camp

Acacia Collections are one of the most exotic camps in Serengeti. Located at the central part of the Serengeti, this camp offers lots of great wildlife activities that cannot be rivaled by any other camp. Serengeti Acacia Camp is different things to different people. It’s known as a hunter’s Valhalla, a photographer’s paradise, a traveler’s dream destination and the home of the great migration. This camp has two sections with each featuring topnotch amenities that promise an unparalleled African experience.

Acacia Collections offer a variety of activities such as bush dining around the serene tranquil atmosphere. You also get to enjoy watching a variety of bird species as well as enjoy the cultural display of the Maasai tribe. The highlight of this camp is watching the Great Migration of over two million wildebeest, zebras, and Thomson’s gazelles. This spectacular wildlife event can be followed while lodging at the Acacia Collections .

Check out Serengeti Acacia Camp that specializes on following the Great Migration in the Serengeti on this Acacia Migration Camp page.

Other camps include

Chaka Camp

Chaka means ‘bush’ in Swahili. Chaka Camp is a semi-permanent camp located within the Serengeti ecosystem. Chaka Camp offers an incredibly authentic and intimate bush safari experience in the middle of remarkable areas of the Serengeti’s pristine wilderness. The camp moves two times a year to ensure their guests are well positioned to witness the Great Migration of Wildebeest.

Alex Walker’s Serian Serengeti South

Alex Walker’s Serian Serengeti is arguably the best camp both north and south of the Serengeti. This is largely due to the location of the camp which allows guests to enjoy walking, fly-camping and cultural visits to the Hadzabe, something no other camp in the south offers. Alex Walker’s Serian Serengeti south also has smaller camps inside the Serengeti called Kusini. This four tent camp offers a secluded and intimate viewing experience of the Great Migration.

Olakira Camp

Olakira Camp is regarded as one of the best camps in the Serengeti. The camp follows the same route as Serian camp moving twice a year. From July to November, they move north of the Serengeti to the Karatu region. From December to March the camp moves back to another amazing location in the Ndutu plains. Olakira camp offers a great guiding, lovely food and a luxurious but authentic safari camp. Its position in the north is unbeatable as you can actually see the river crossing of the wildebeest from the comfort of the camp.

Sayari Camp

Sayari Camp is one of the best camps located north of the Serengeti. The camp offers an amazing viewing experience as it is also stylishly furnished to give you comfortable viewing. They are also known for an amazing kitchen talent and extraordinary services all year round. The north of the Serengeti offers a very private viewing experience. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the great migration without any form of obstruction and distraction.

Serengeti Safari Camp

This camp is managed by Nomads. They are known as the longest-running safari companies in Tanzania with camps and lodges located everywhere. One unique feature of the Serengeti Safari Camp is that it follows the great migration inside the Serengeti National Park with both private vehicles and excellent guide. The Nomads have earned a reputation for following every move of the Great Migration.

Serengeti Under Canvas

Serengeti Under Canvas is one of the most luxurious mobile camps in the Serengeti. The camp is very mobile and known for its amazing guide quality tracking the Great Migration all year round. The camp is runner by & Beyond, a company known to have a flamboyant taste when it comes to the safari camping experience.

Singita Explore

Regarded as the ultimate in luxury mobile tented camps in Tanzania, Singita Explore is within the Singita Grumeti Reserve in the west of the Serengeti. The camp is set up exclusively and has between two to six tents.

Kirurumu Serengeti Camp

Kirurumu Serengeti Camp is one of the great value camps in the Serengeti. The camp is luxurious in its own right and budget-friendly. It’s perfect if you are looking to see the Mara River crossing.

Why Choose a Mobile Safari Camp

As the name implies, mobile safari camps are not fixed on a particular location overlooking the wild. One unique feature of mobile safari camps is that it makes you feel more at one with nature. A mobile camp takes you into the wild expanding and personalizing your wildlife experience as opposed to watching from the permanent lodge. These mobile safari camps are also beneficial in terms of affordability as they don’t usually cost as much as lodges and hotels.


The Serengeti is famous for obvious reasons and one of the best options for capturing the spectacular drama of the Great Migration is going for mobile tented camps which allows you up-close and personal access to the event.

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