Where is Serengeti and What Makes a Stay Inside This Park a Unique Experience

The Serengeti, named justly for its endless plains, is made up of over 1.5 million hectares spread across not just one but two countries in Africa. Its sheer size is reason enough to have its name resound globally. In fact, Serengeti is a name that makes any traveler shudder in excitement, in awe, in utter fascination. It’s also conveniently located by other Tanzanian park and attractions which allows visitors to experience a well rounded Tanzania adventure. But, where is Serengeti exactly and what makes a stay inside this park a unique experience?

The Serengeti

When people say “Serengeti”, it usually refers to Serengeti National Park, one of the world’s most iconic safari parks and the tops #1 for 2019 Best African Safari Parks and Destinations according to SafariBookings.com. If you refer to the entire Serengeti ecosystem, on the other hand, it is located in the countries Tanzania and Kenya and is mainly composed of Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara Game Reserve. Smaller reserves such as Ikorongo Game Reserve, Maswa Game Reserve, and Loliondo Game Controlled Area make up the ecosystem as well. What makes it even more fascinating is that despite being made up of several reserves and safari parks in Serengeti, its ecosystem remains unfenced – no barrier to restrain animal movement and migration.

The Serengeti National Park, considered the focal point of the entire Serengeti ecosystem, is located in northern Tanzania, East Africa along Tanzania’s northern border with Kenya. The park is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders.

What makes it unique?

The vibe

Imagine being in a vast wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan. You will be in complete connection with what you might have imagined of the “real Africa” — natural, unspoiled, exotic, sensational.

The incredible diversity

Serengeti National Park boasts a diversity of flora and fauna that is unavailable anywhere else on the globe. It features contrasting landscapes that stretch out to the horizon, composed of savannah, hilly woodlands and open grasslands dotted with lone trees and rocky outcrops called kopjes.

Serengeti wildlife

When it comes to animals, Serengeti will never disappoint. From the mighty Big Five to the astounding wildebeests and zebras to rare species and sought-after big cats to over 500 bird species, wildlife in Serengeti will sure to take your breath away. Whether you are there for bird watching or to enjoy the wildlife that roams, there’s something for everyone here. 

The greatest show on earth

Serengeti is home to one of the world’s seven natural wonders, an event referred to as one of Earth’s greatest spectacles: the Great Wildebeest Migration. During this event, more than 2 million wildebeests along with thousands of zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, impalas, and even kudus stampede across the Serengeti plains in pursuit of greener pastures. They move across Serengeti National Park almost the entire year except when most of these ungulates reach Masai Mara. However, the crossing event when the migrating hooves cross Mara River from Serengeti to Masai Mara is one astounding spectacle, often called “the World Cup of Wildlife.”

Serengeti migration

If you come to Serengeti, whatever month you visit, you are sure to experience this World Wonder, especially if you go with exemplary expert guides who could take you to where the action is.

The beautiful climate

In Serengeti, you can enjoy sunshine almost all throughout the year. It enjoys a moderate and pleasant climate with usually warm and dry weather. Divided into wet and dry season, Serengeti has two distinct wet seasons: The short rainy season is between November to January and the long rainy season is between March to May, when there is a heavy downpour, sometimes half a day or more. Despite the rainy weather, visitors are rewarded with lush vegetation which depicts a Garden of Eden scenery.

The exciting activities you can enjoy – Balloon safari

It is impossible to leave the Serengeti feeling “meh”. Apart from the spine-tingling game drives you can experience where you may be able to have close encounters with the animals in the wild, you also get to experience other exciting activities like having a picnic in the bush and among all the animals, camping in the real wilderness, riding a hot air balloon to get a bird’s eye view of the iconic wildlife-ridden Serengeti plains, and many many more!

The exclusivity

What makes staying in Serengeti wild is how exclusive it is to visitors. Despite its huge size, the lodging options in Serengeti is scanty, hence promoting exclusivity and maintaining its wild vibe. You can opt to stay in lodges, tented camps or even rough it out in bivouac tents – all of which guarantee superb Serengeti adventures.

Wildlife and nature will be just an arm’s reach away and what’s even more amazing is that despite being away from city life, you still get the luxuries of things like internet connection, electricity and ensuite bath! This will depend on your accommodation, of course, but what remains is the fact that you get to spend a night in one of the world’s wildest, most iconic safari parks in Serengeti!

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences and is, in fact, a great start to bush and beach vacations. If you want to experience Serengeti at its finest, you are most welcome to check these camps:

Acacia Central Camp
Acacia Migration Camp
Acacia Seronera Luxury Camp

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