Top Honeymoon Activities at Acacia Collections

What most travelers love about Acacia Collections is that it sits right in the heart of Serengeti National Park. It is an intimate safari camp that guarantees sweeping views, first-class service and a dedicated team that makes sure each guest experiences the best of Tanzania. At Acacia Collections , you get to experience full luxury in the wild. You will be treated like royalty, with surprises and treats at every turn. No wonder it is a honeymooners’ favorite! If you are planning a unique and unforgettable honeymoon, here’s everything you need to know on what honeymooners can do at Acacia Collections :


Imagine staying in a luxe suite nestled in an exclusive area of an untamed wildlife and jaw-dropping natural scenery. Aside from the fresh air you can breathe and the majestic landscapes you can see, you will hear nothing but the sounds of the various animals in the surroundings and the sweet, gentle breaths of your loved one. With world-class facilities, romantic surprises and a serenity you both will enjoy, a honeymoon like this will truly be one for the books!


Pre-nuptial shoots are big these days. Sometimes the couple hires a stylist who’ll prepare a nice backdrop for them complete with intricate detailing and props. Other times, the couple just goes with a more natural setting and so they shoot on location. How would you like to have yours in one of the most stunning locations in the world? Not only can Africa offer you a unique (not to mention thrilling) background, it will also make your photoshoot event one of the most memorable moments of your life! Plus, with the natural beauty and sunny weather of the place, you won’t need a lot of lighting paraphernalia, props and even photo editing!


Going on an exciting game drive is an experience you can’t just get anywhere else in the world. And what better way to tick off this bucketlist experience than to share it with your lifetime partner, right? In a typical game drive, you will be able to see lots of different animals, even those that are extremely rare in the world. You also get a chance to witness prey and predator live actions, your favorite animal’s behavior and even have close encounters with them such as feeding!


There is nothing more romantic than sharing a memorable adventure with your loved one. More so if it is a Natural World Wonder. Every year, millions of wildebeests along with thousands of zebras, antelopes and elands scatter across the Serengeti in search for better grazing. Tailing their journey are opportunistic predators, making this the world’s most remarkable, thrilling and action-packed display of wildlife behavior. In fact, the Great Migration is deemed “the greatest show on earth” and the “World Cup of Wildlife.” If you come around January to March, you will be able to witness the wildebeest calving season where thousands of baby wildebeests are born. Of course, where there are babies, plenty of predators are lurking around. This is also the prime mo ths for bird watching. If you go between July and October, you can take the front seats to the dramatic river crossing. Whatever time you decide to go, the Serengeti will never cease to amaze you. With expertly designed game safari packages, Acacia Collections pride itself with on-point adventure that’s available all year-round. Share this unforgettable moment with your new spouse — this is something you both can reminisce until you grow old!


Bush breakfasts are quintessential elements of any African safari. In addition to waking up to a picturesque scenery, you will be able to start your day with a hearty breakfast in the middle of the wild. The best thing is, you are sharing this once-in-a-lifetime moment with your loved one. Since Acacia Collections is located in a scenic spot, your romantic bush breakfast is guaranteed to offer stunning views over the expansive grassy plains and wildlife of the iconic Serengeti National Park. Your breakfast table will be adorned with the finest linens and tableware as well as the freshest African blooms. For your food, the chef will prepare a sumptuous spread that will satisfy every bit of your tastebud. A choice of eggs, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, cereals, fruit platers, bread, various pastries, butter, jam, marmalade, honey, assorted juices, milk, coffee and tea are the usuals. A bottle of champagne will also be served as a gift to the newlyweds. Certainly, this exclusive “out of Africa” bush breakfast is a sensational way to jumpstart any intimate vacation.


Private romantic dinners in Acacia Collections are not the typical romantic dinners you get in Western settings. Sure, we feature a high-end selection of cutlery and dinnerware, and we have a Banquet Team that ensures a variety of wholesome and satisfying dishes. But, what makes this unique is the amazing meal featuring a jaw-dropping vantage point. Like bush breakfasts, private romantic dinners are served in a scenic spot in the midst of all the action. You can let us know your diet preference and we’ll present an array of menus to choose from. Cocktails, wine, champagne as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will also be served.


What is more enchanting than floating above the breathtaking plains of the Serengeti with your new lifetime partner? With fresh African breeze on your skin, prolific wildlife in bird’s eye view and the world’s most stunning sunrise, a romantic hot air balloon safari is certainly a bucketlist experience! In here, you get to revel in awe at the beauty of nature. The beauty of Africa. Plus, hot air balloon safaris are usually done early in the morning so that you can catch the sunrise. The moment you step foot on the plains of Serengeti, an intimate bush breakfast is already waiting for you.


Explore Tanzania for an impressive bird watching honeymoon destination. With over 540 bird species in the park, Serengeti remains to be one of the unparalleled settings for bird watching in Africa.


The Maasai tribe is one of the most vibrant tribes in the continent. When you meet them, you get to experience their own kind of fun – jumping up so high during dances and singing unique African tunes. Not only do these people know how to party, they’re also very friendly and welcoming to their homes. By that, you can fully experience a raw African life and that’s a beautiful memory to share with your spouse.


Somehow quite like bush dinners but this one is for lunch. Usually, when you go on a game drive, you get to stop for a while for a lunch picnic. Imagine devouring sumptuous food in the midst of the wild with your loved one. Your guide will make sure you are on an exclusive spot with a view so surreal you might shed a tear.


Enjoy a freshly prepared meal in a secluded area in the wilderness as surreal sceneries surround you and your loved one. With a bottle of wine or champagne, you can both toast to your new life together as you relish in the splendor of Serengeti’s gorgeous sunset. Truly a remarkable way to celebrate love.


Just a few steps from the camp, bonfire and barbecue will be set up in a way that you can feel cozy with your loved ones and at the same time meet fellow travelers. Appreciate the beauty of the wilderness with a cold beer or any other beverage on your hand. There will be a safari bar and entertainment in the form of either dancing or music may also be available upon request. This is a perfect time for you to exchange stories and experiences while savoring the serene tranquility of your surroundings.


Aside from being on a prime location, Acacia Collections have other room modifications from double, triple, twin, family tented camps with ensuite bathrooms and exotic luxury amenities, all for a reasonable rate. Each tented camp are separate quite evenly giving you a much-needed privacy. Guests are provided radio phones so our staff can assist you 24/7. To gastronomically satisfy every guest, a very well-experienced chef serves local and international plates, and prepares special diet menus upon request. Honeymoon trips do not go on for a very long time. That’s why making sure you create one that lasts forever is vital. At Acacia Collections , you get to start a new life together with an absolutely unforgettable honeymoon experience. A perfect blend of adventure and relaxation at Africa’s finest.


The price per night per couple is 600 USD on full-board meals (Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Dinner). It comes with a bottle of champagne and unlimited tea and coffee. We can arrange all other activities you prefer (game drives, hot-air balloon, etc…) at an extra cost while in-house amenities such as bonfire and bush breakfast are included in the package. We can also help you arrange for a full safari package for the entire duration of your holiday including making arrangements with other accommodation in different parks. We have a network of partners that we have used and recommended to our previous clients. Have some questions? Shoot us an email or head out straight to BOOKING.

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