Serengeti Luxury Camping: Just What Every Family Needs!

An African safari in the highly-acclaimed Serengeti is a surreal travel experience for everyone — solo backpackers, couples, families, friends. For families, especially those with kids in tow, it is important to make sure that everything is child-friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone. It is, after all, a family vacation, right? Luckily, Serengeti offers something that would really make any getaway unforgettable: Serengeti luxury camping, just what every family needs!

Luxury camping

When you visit a foreign land and you need a place to stay in, you usually book a hotel or maybe an Airbnb, right? Well, in Africa, you can find hotels and lodges, too! You can even scout for some transient rooms for rent. But, if you’re after an authentic African adventure without losing access to important amenities like internet, luxury camping is perfect! Not only will you be able to stay at exquisitely decorated canvas tents, you also get to “camp” in the midst of the wild. Plus, you can revel in majestic sunrises and sunsets just outside your very own lanai.

Comfort & Safety

Serengeti luxury camping combines luxury, comfort, and safety in one. Not to mention delish food selections and proximity to magnificent African wildlife.

Luxury camps feature an exclusive property that can accommodate a family of 4 to 6 or even more. The family gets to enjoy first-class amenities like an ensuite bathroom, a spacious veranda, a private lounge, and ultra-comfortable beds!

So after an interesting day of fun, you can be sure that your whole family can rest well and sojourn in a luxe haven, with enjoyable amenities at everyone’s disposal.

Scenery & Wildlife

There is nothing more astounding when it comes to animal concentration and diversity than the Serengeti. The Great Migration alone makes its savannas wildlife heaven, a fantastic spectacle of nature…

Aside from the millions of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles that stampede across the plains all year, it also hosts the highest concentration of large mammals in the world, including the famous Big Five (lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo, leopard) and provides habitat to the highest concentration of predators in the whole of Africa. When it comes to avifauna, Serengeti National Park will definitely not disappoint as it exhibits 500 resident bird species, added by a couple more migratory flocks in November to April. So if you want to meet Simba, Nala or even Scar, you can easily do so even within just a couple days into your trip.

What makes the Serengeti even more impressive is its widely diverse landscapes that range from sprawling grasslands and woodlands to swamps, rocky terrains, and trees peppered across the area. During the dry season, the landscapes are sparse and yet still enthralling in every way, especially how the touch of the sun makes it appear golden.


You’d think to be in Africa, all you can do is see the animals. No. The Serengeti has a lot in store that’s fun for all ages. Aside from the very exciting game drives which are the staple safari activity, you can also go on a hot air balloon ride capped with a hearty breakfast in the wild; visit the tribal community and learn a thing or two about their culture and traditions; visit nearby safari parks including World Heritage Site, Ngorongoro Crater and Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro; have a bonfire at the end of the day (the kids will love making smores!); go on helicopter rides; and even escape to the beach!

Kid-centered programs

In the interest of safety, there may be age restrictions on some activities like walking safaris and game drives. Usually, restrictions apply to children under 12 years old, or to the very least 6 years old, depending on the property manager. What’s great, though, is that luxury camps provide kid-friendly programs that are both fun and educational. This helps to keep the kids entertained and safe while adults resume with their itineraries.

Family photo opportunities

Given the picturesque natural scenery and unique activities, it is almost unnatural not to want to take a photo in every corner of the Serengeti. So capture wonderful memories, post breathtaking photos to share to the world and always make sure you have ample battery and storage!

7th World Wonder

Did you know that the Serengeti is home of the Great Migration, the Seventh Wonder of the World? Well, perhaps you already do and that’s why you picked this park for your ultimate safari experience.

Each year, about two millions wildebeests joined by thousands of zebras, gazelles and kudus congregate around certain areas of the Serengeti ecosystem and move in a clockwise manner in search for better grazing and water. This is an all-year event but there are milestones that people await: the calving season that showcases thousands of wildebeests being born along with an action-packed predator activity; and the Mara River crossing often called the World Cup of Wildlife, where migratory ungulates struggle for survival in the toughest feat of their journey.

Definitely the ultimate family escapade!

It is without a doubt that Serengeti luxury camping is the best way for families to get an authentic feel of Africa in a glamorous way (kids will definitely be comfortable and therefore trip will be more relaxing). It is a perfect way to unwind, unplug and spend more time with each other. From unreal surroundings to extraordinary animal sightings to surreal proximity to wildlife, families will surely share mind-blowing stories and create amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime. For all the reasons and more, Serengeti luxury camping is just what every family needs!

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